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LED - a new era of illumination

The LED technology is conquering many fields where illumination is needed as Commercial areas, Industry, Public institutions, Private residential and Outdoor areas, only to name just a few examples.


The LED lighting has set new quality standards in terms of ambiance and light efficiency for almost every scope of application. A customised lighting concept makes glare , dazzling and shadow effects belong to the past and opens new dimensions of a desired illumination.


In general, it takes five dimension in consideration, the desired scope of application, the technical specification and features of a product, the existing natural light during day and night as well during the different seasons , the human perception about light and last but not least the cost / benefit ratio.

LED and Environment

LEDs act in compliance to RoHS standards. In comparison to some other light sources they don’t contain any toxic or damaging substances which could affect either the ecologic environment or health. The emitted light is free of UV and IR rays.


LEDs contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and help to save energy due to its technology. A good heat dissipation and a stable power supply helping to reach a high life-span with ten of thousand hours without any maintenance cost apart from cleaning the source time to time. Conventional luminaires can be changed in a first step with Retrofit solutions, without huge efforts. It depends on the budget and desired result whether a retrofit or comprehensive solution is eligible.